The Bridge to Genuine Customer Relationships Today: Demonstrating Empathy and Strong Ethics

As the world changes and significantly impacts consumer behavior, there’s increased risk for companies to make missteps when communicating with audiences. The need to build and sustain genuine relationships that drive brand loyalty and trust is more important than ever before. In an age of marketing automation and artificial intelligence (AI), this talk will take you through a process called FEEL, based on a 52+ week research project with millennials (but is still a model for all generations and leaders to use), that adds a human element to your marketing strategy and brand presence. You’ll learn tactics that open your mindset to new perspectives and hold customer conversations that convey compassion and sound judgment.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Properly evaluate your engagement strategies before you communicate through different channels
  • Learn techniques to add emotional intelligence (EQ) to your brand and communications approach.
  • Visualize a roadmap with FEEL (face fears, engage with empathy, use ethics and show passion) as a bridge to genuine relationships.