The New Customer Journey: The Data, Insight & Direction You Need to Adapt

Business as usual is anything but usual right now. We have seen a customer journey shift of historic proportions, both good and bad, and many business leaders have scrambled to deal with the implications, or worse – have taken the ‘wait and see’ approach. Some have even stopped marketing all together. So how do you adjust your digital marketing strategy to adapt? During this talk, we will share with you the trends and insights we’ve seen from over 1,600 of our clients and data partners, along with how the customer journey had fundamentally changed and top tips to adapt for success.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand how consumer behavior is changing during this big shift and what the new customer journey looks
  • Learn what industries are getting it right, or struggling to adapt
  • Apply the top 10 tips to adapt for success, based on relevant trends and insights from over 1,600 global companies and supplemental insight from strategic partners